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I-20 Animal Medical Center


Since 1980, I-20 Animal Medical Center has been committed to providing the best in veterinary healthcare, including vaccinations, surgeries, advanced dentistry and emergency/critical care, 24/7.

What To Expect

Here is the step by step as to what an emergency visit to us will look like.

  • Call to let us know that you are coming if you are able. This lets us prepare for your arrival and speeds the process.

  • If your pet cannot walk, please let us know when you call, so that we may ready a gurney and the assistance necessary to swiftly transport your pet to the ICU.

  • After your arrival, our nursing and client care staff will work with you to obtain information about you and your pet.

  • We cannot predict our caseload from minute to minute. We regularly reevaluate each patient to determine which patient requires care most urgently. In the case of heavy patient load, we ask for your patience and promise to keep you informed of changes to the best of our abilities.

  • If your pet is critically injured or critically ill, we will administer pain medications and other treatments necessary to stabilize your pet while we discuss treatment plans and patient care with you.

  • We will discuss costs of your pet’s care at this time, and will expect payment for care at the time of your visit. We are committed to discussing the financial costs associated with all courses of treatment. We offer different forms of financing for those who need it.

Client Testimonials and Reviews

Our staff at I-20 Animal Medical Center values feedback from our clients. Here is just a small sample of the hundreds of happy and healthy pets that we have cared for since 1987.

We very much appreciate the skill and training you have and it was very evident in the procedures you performed on our dogs. Each of them had issues, some serious, and each of them are much better now, thanks to you and your staff.

Leah B.

I have been to lots of vet clinics. Yours is the best in every way that I have ever seen! Thanks for restoring my faith in excellent veterinary care!

Rhonda H.

I was so impressed by Dr. Bloom, her real care, concern and understanding for my Cinnamon. My pets have been as loved as my children, thus, I expect excellent loving care and I and Cinnamon got this per Dr. Bloom and Jessica. Thank you!

Yvonne F.