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I-20 Animal Medical Center

About Dr. Welch

What Makes Our Emergency Care Unique

If you are critically ill or suffering from a life-threatening injury or medical condition, you would want to be cared for by the most skilled and experienced physicians around. Your pet can also benefit from the expertise and advanced training that our veterinarians possess.

Our medical team is led by Dr. Cindi Welch, a graduate of Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine with 25 years of experience who has also completed a residency in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine. Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care is a specialty that requires three years of advanced training in emergency and critical care medicine, anesthesia, cardiology, internal medicine, neurology, radiology and soft tissue surgery.

Dr. Cindi Welch completed her emergency and critical care residency program in 2001. The knowledge and training provided by this intensive program of study can greatly increase the chance of a successful outcome when caring for a critically ill patient. Dr. Welch knows that your pet is an important part of your life, and she also knows that sick pets need more than the latest scientific advancement to heal. They need a loving hand and tender care and to know someone is taking care of them. A kind word and gentle touch can help cure the soul while medicine treats the body.

Our ICU staff attends to our patients’ needs 24 hours a day, taking care that they are clean, comfortable and loved. Often our nurses will spend their spare time visiting with patients they have grown to care for. Dr. Welch believes that patients in the ICU should have time set aside for TLC so that every interaction with medical staff is not unpleasant. She makes sure that patients who can walk get to go outside every couple of hours during daylight, and often has nurses carry pets who cannot walk outside for “fresh air and sunshine”. She calls the special care our patients receive “giving them a will to live.”