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I-20 Animal Medical Center


Yes, dogs and cats may need orthodontics, too! Our veterinary dentists treat all types of malocclusion (incorrect bites) at I-20 Animal Medical Center, from bite problems that require full-mouth braces to canines that are in the wrong location.

Occasionally, we have cases as simple as a class 3 underbite, which occurs when the animal’s lower teeth protrude out over the upper. To treat this condition, we often can put a lower ramp appliance in place and “jump” the upper teeth over the lower ones.

We also see cases where the canines stick into the roof of the mouth and prevent the dog or cat from closing their mouth properly. We place guidance appliances in these cases to move the canines into their proper positions.

If you think your pet may need pet orthodontics or other veterinary dental care, call I-20 Animal Medical Center at 817.478.9238 for a dental consultation.